What is Love Lust and Luggage?

Love Lust and Luggage is a compilation of experiences with love, romance, dating, and one stand     while traveling or living abroad.

Where do I send my story?

You may send your completed story to LoveLustandLuggage@gmail.com .  Please send it as an attachment, using word or some other word processing program.

What information should I include with my story?

Please include your Name, Email, Phone Number, Mailing Address, and Location of your story.  Also include some details about your traveling experience.

Can I write my story anonymously?

Yes.  However for legal purposes you must reveal your real name when submitting your story.  Include with your contact information that you would like to remain anonymous, and how you would like to  published as ie anonymous, or “Joe Shmoe”

What kind of stories are you looking for?

While we don’t want to tell you what to write or how to write, there are some things to keep in mind when writing your story.  First off, what makes your story so unique?  Why wouldn’t this experience happen in your home town?  How does your experience give an insight to that particular culture or place in the world?  How did being a traveler, visitor, or foreigner enhance or diminish this experience?    

Will all of stories be published?

No.  We will be reading each of the stories and only choosing the most interesting, unique, and culturally diverse experiences.  Please don’t let that stop you from submitting your story.  It truly depends on all of the stories submitted as a whole. 

Can I send more than one story?

Yes, if you just absolutely must.  If you just can’t decide which one to send because they are so amazing, you may send more than one.  Please write the stories separately as we will most likely only choose one of them.

When will I know if my story is chosen?

    You may keep checking back on this website for updates.  We will let you know every few weeks where we are at in the process.  As of November 2009, we are allowing at least 6 months minimum to receive stories.  After we feel we have allowed enough time to receive stories, we will then notify you if your story was chosen.  You will also know if it is not chosen, that way you are not in limbo land waiting to know!

When will Love Lust and Luggage be published?

Love Lust and Luggage is just in it’s beginning stages.  To ensure that the book includes the most interesting, unique, and culturally diverse experiences, we wont begin looking to publish until we feel that we have the best stories.  So in other words, not for a while.

Is there a deadline to send my story?

No.  To ensure that your story is read and has the opportunity to be included, send it as soon as you       can.

Where can I keep up with the progression of this project?

You may check back here on this website, or to join the mailing list to receive current updates.

Who am I?

i will tell you very soon, in the meantime check out the other parts of my website!

Have another question not answered on here? 

email me with your question

By submitting your story, you are agreeing to allow AubreySacco.com and/or its assigns to edit your submission for publication, to commercially publish the submission, to change the names and identities of the person or persons described in the submission to protect their identity and to publish your submission in any form of media or commercial endeavor.  By making such submission you further agree to waive any and all rights to such submission, to receive compensation for your submission and you waive any objection to AubreySacco.com's obtaining any form of copyright to your submission

Love Lust and Luggage

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