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   As many of you visiting this website know our beautiful, wonderful, artist, traveler, yogi, Aubrey has gone missing in Nepal while trekking.

    We ask that everyone please stay positive and send Aubrey your positive thoughts and vibrations so that we can find her.

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    "Finding Aubrey" is now available for download on iTunes. The hard copy will be available in 2 weeks.  "When Aubrey went missing, I began writing songs about her as a way to deal with the tragedy.

    People have said they can't imagine what it's like to have a child lost on the other side of the world.  Perhaps this album will give some insight.  Although it is certainly more grief-filled than hopeful, it is the way one feels when their star goes dark. "Finding Aubrey" is raw and real.

    We hope it will raise money as we continue the search. No matter though, the album has been my sanity. Please, enjoy the last 3 songs she wrote and sang. She recorded these songs in a hurry while packing for her fateful journey in December of 2009.

    Thanks and love to all of Aubrey’s supporters, we appreciate all your help

New Album “Finding Aubrey” Available on ITunes

Contains several never before heard songs written by Aubrey

Click below to download the album

“Finding Aubrey”

**For Latest updates regarding the Sacco Family’s Current search efforts in Nepal

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Please check out HikerAlert.  HikerAlert has developed location monitoring devises to be used when trekking and traveling in order to notify loved ones of your location. Click on the Banner Below to learn more information.

May 14, 2014


Please go to the search update page for the latest.

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The Sacco Family’s recent trip to Nepal

February Backpacker Magazine published a detailed story regarding the search for Aubrey.  Please click the following link to view the online version: