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we’ve all been there and seen it.  hundreds of students listening to music while walking to class.  all that music and no dancing? 

The Campus Dance Project* is an experimental art project created to give students an opportunity to dance during the monotonous school day. On the way to and from class, after school, for 10 seconds or 10 minutes, be a part of first ever campus dance project!  

The Campus Dance Project will meet weekly in various places outdoors on the CU Campus.  Dances will be documented by photo and video, uploaded to the campus dance website, and later compiled into a short documentary.  Students can dance to their own ipods, or to music provided by the CDP Crew. 

Check back weekly for dance times and location and see the impact you have made in the progression of the campus dance project.  

* Funding and Sponsorship by UROP and Frances Charteris

lets f*cking dance! ../cdp.html

Upcoming Dances:

THURSDAY March 12th @ 1:40:
Norlin Quad-ish
FRIDAY March 13th @ 3:40:
Hellems Walkway

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Why walk to class when you can dance to class?../cdp.html
The Campus Dance Project Creator 
                   Aubrey Sacco
                               (in glitter)    ../home.html../home.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado

The Campus Dance Project../cdp.html