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Thank you everyone for helping us find Danielle.  We appreciate the emails and searches for her throughout the world (i.e., the Lower French Antilles Islands, the countries of France and Nepal).

During my trip to Nepal in March, I found that Danielle had travelled back to Nepal and was there at the same time I was.  I was able to make contact with her through the help of Mahendra Thapa, President of TAAN and 3 Sisters Trekking in Pokhara, Nepal.  I was unable to meet personally with Danielle because she was in a very remote village in Eastern Nepal, a 12-hour bus ride from Kathmandu.  We spoke on the phone several times.  When Danielle did return to Kathmandu, she met with one of our investigators in person.  We believe Danielle saw Aubrey at Lama Hotel on April 22nd, just before Aubrey went missing.

The man with the Pepsi in the blue shirt (photo removed and identity established)

Our investigator, from Canada, broke the mystery and found him about a month before we found Danielle.  The man is from Denmark and never traveled to Nepal.  He briefly met Aubrey while they were in Darjeeling, India.  He was very helpful.

Both individuals have been identified and interviewed.