Search Effort Update Page


This page will be updated with information about the current search efforts as often as possible.

September 16 2010

    US Senator Mark Udall has made an official appeal to the State Department and the FBI for greater support and resources in the search for Aubrey. The Senator has put his clout behind Aubrey's search and we are grateful for his support and for the support of all others who are helping him

    We have a team of very spiritual people in Wyoming who are lending support to the search for Aubrey. They wish to remain anonymous but I just want to say they are emphatic that Aubrey is alive and well.


    Aubrey Sacco is a 23 year old vibrant young lady, poet, musician, artist and world traveler from Greeley Colorado who officially went missing on May 24th when she failed to catch her plane home from Nepal.  There is a reward being offered by the family to anyone who finds her. Aubrey entered the Lantang trail from Syrabrubese on April 20th, 2010 according to park records.  She then stayed overnight at the Namaste Hotel in Pairo on April 21st. On April 22nd she had lunch at the Lama Hotel but was not seen or heard from again. Aubrey did not sign in at any other check points or check out of the park.

    It is believed she trekked the Langtang but eventually took a different trail due to the strike and got lost or that she met people who intentionally led her astray or even kidnapped her. It is strongly believed by everyone from Lama's and psychics to her own family and those close to her that she is alive.

    The American Embassy, US State Department, FBI, Nepal Police, Nepal Army and numerous private and volunteer search firms have assisted the Sacco family in the search for their daughter. The family has even searched the Langtang National park themselves, but the family needs more support to expand their search in greater numbers and even to bring in the White House and Secretary of State.  Aubrey's family is shouldering the financial and organizational burden of coordinating an international search. Unfortunately, no evidence has been found yet leading to the whereabouts of Aubrey.

    Friends, extended family members and other kind people in communities all over the world have donated to the cause of finding this promising, creative, kind and philosophical young lady who they call the "glitter girl" She has never said a negative word about anyone. As a volunteer worker who taught her way through impoverished villages across India and other countries of the world, she believes in the connectedness of people and the positive nature of humanity. Please come in to her website, look around and get to know her. Her personal and travel blogs are posted here.  You will come to understand as we have that she is no ordinary young lady. She is destined to change the world, but we must find her first! Please help by praying, donating and pledging your energy and support. Your help will never be forgotten.

    We often say this, but we feel we are closer than ever to finding Aubrey. There are some seriously connected underworld and undercover people working on the search with a passion. They must do this in order to save their country and the tourism industry of Nepal. We're gonna get you Aubs! All of our friends, please do not despair. You are wonderful and supportive. Some of you have wings. Yes you know who you are... We have had some low moments but never a hopeless moment. Finding her will be like everything else in Aubreys life, big and dramatic, no baby steps for her. I love you Aubs!!


September 23 2010 

    Thanks to Jennifer Biernat and her "out of the box" ideas,  we are launching an "ad-on -a-truck" campaign in Washington DC  to raise awareness about Aubrey's disappearance. We are hoping to persuade the federal government to use it's advanced investigative resources on the ground in Nepal. Meanwhile our press secretary is making a push to stumping politicians to get behind us as well. Thanks to all for your support. We continue to be  optimistic about finding the glitter girl.

October 10 2010

    Thanks for all of your letters to Hillary Clinton. We are on a roll. Please keep them coming; almost 3,000 so far. In the past 2 weeks we have made serious inroads to finding our little girl. And there is a large search of a new area underway right now.  It is frustrating that things take so long, but it is the nature of the beast. I can tell you we are on course as good as can be thanks to your emotional and financial support. I am talking to Senators, Congressmen and high level security people daily. It seems that everyone understand that "all little girls are precious" , especially mine

October, 21 2010

    We apologize that we have been to busy to do an update! In the last 3 weeks we have been busy conducting a new 15 man search of primitive villages in Nepal, and distributing posters to thousands of people through a group of benevolent Doctors from Colorado who are treating thousands of Langtang locals.  Senator Udal'ls office and all of you have been putting immense pressure upon our public officials to do more. We have contacted former President Clinton, former Senator Gary Hart, Michelle Obama and many other highly influential figures. We do not yet know the fruits of our labor but they should be many. We are also working with private investigators out of Los Angeles and Colorado and using the assistance of the Embassy in more creative ways. Basically our search web is getting larger and larger and reaching various different levels of people including centers for missing persons. Surely this should yield a positive result.  Again this sounds cliche but every time I read and see your Facebook posts I recharge. Please keep your support and donations coming. There are far more good people in the world than there are bad. Thank you, all you shiny glitter people. :)

November, 25 2010

    We made it through Thanksgiving on the strength of our boys and our family bond. We have launched a new on-the-ground investigation using a number of local people in Nepal that we are very excited about, although response from some of our government officials in the US, is not as quick as we would like. We are using different angles to find Aubrey based upon recommendations of some very experienced state department people.

    We are still hopeful and working hard everyday on the search. Your donations have helped us to hire the right people, print posters and flyers and pay for items that are re-sold at fundraisers. On Thanksgiving our family took stock of all of the wonderful people and "angels"  that have helped us and continue to help us. This really is a wonderful world. This great poem has come to mind that I have already sent to some of our helpers.

I would be true for those who trust me

I would be pure for those who care

I would be strong for there is much to suffer

I would be brave for there is much to dare

                                        -Arnold Walter


January 16, 2011   

    The holidays slowed us down a little but we made it through. Because of your help and support we have launched numerous investigations and 3 good search teams presently. We are waiting with bated breath for the results of the search of a new part of the Langtang area. I am hopeful we will have something  soon. I can feel it. Nothing happens quickly in Nepal. Also, soon we will have new key persons with knowledge questioned. Our contacts our snowballing into new contacts. We are actually finding people that met Aubrey on the trail! This is the result of a lot of work and cultivation of relationships with many people. We believe we are on track. Please everyone don't give up. I feel we are closing in but it could still take months! 

December 25, 2010

    One of our favorite investigative searchers has returned to Kathmandu and may join our team on the ground. Although we only have some vague leads, we are pursuing them zealously, and we are hopeful they will be fruitful. Basically, we're not messing around. We are going to get Aubrey home. There are some really good people in our "find Aubrey cause" and that includes all of you on Facebook who have faithfully hung in there. You have been our guiding light.

Feb 9, 2011

    We have searches and investigations going on in Nepal and the Embassy is now working with us again. We sense that they and the FBI will be there for us if hard evidence is found. Although this support is better than not being there at all, we still need more involvement from the US government.

    As we said previously, we are now using the best investigators and contacts we have ever had in Nepal. It would have been better to have made these contacts sooner but they take months to develop. Unfortunately, that is the way things go in a 3rd world country where there is little American presence. While all this is going on Connie and I are working our political contacts here quite hard. We have not given up on getting right to Clinton and are getting close. We met with Representative Cory Gardner personally on Thursday and are meeting with Senator Bennett next week, then local Channel 9 News.  The political figures are trying to get at least an aid of Clinton's to contact her and get her to provide on-the-ground assistance and forensic investigation by the US. Please keep your prayers coming. As someone told me last week it may actually be a good thing that we will find Aubrey later than sooner. That may indicate a better chance that she is alive. There is still not a shred of evidence that she is not with us and most people with any intuition, especially her family, believe she is alive and will return.

Feb 21, 2011

Kind souls and supporters,

I am absolutely ecstatic about the depth of the investigation presently going on. This is unprecedented. We now have the "best of the best" And we have leads, real leads. I wish I could share all with you but I can't. We may even be finally breaking the door down to Hillary Clinton's office, "figuratively speaking of course" Honestly we would not have the energy to get this far without all of you.

March 22, 2011

    Finally! We have made contact with Hillary Clinton. Congressman Cory Gardner has personally met with the Secretary of State. We trust and hope she will look in to Aubrey's case.  Your 8,000+ letters helped the Congressman to make his case. Please hope and pray that the US government can become engaged here. Many more investigations are going on in Nepal. Everything takes so long. We must not despair. We will find Aubrey. Please hope, pray and send your energy Aubrey's way and don’t forget that cookbooks and cd's are still available.

April 18 2011

As we approach April 22nd, the 1 year mark of Aubrey's disappearance, our hearts are heavy that Aubrey has not been found, but our resolve that we will find her is stronger than ever. People have reminded us that Donald Sutherland  remained missing for over 2 years and was found. There are others in Nepal too that have gone missing and been found 1 or 2 years later.

Our search has gone from the physical search of  the Langtang and surrounding areas to the professional investigation and infiltration of the country. The operation has become more focused and intense and involves our best connected people yet. We even have people still putting up posters all over Nepal while multiple investigations are going on. We are following all leads and continue to work with the Nepal government, Police and Army, the Embassy in Nepal and a few good people at the FBI. The more time that has gone by, the more we believe she is alive. This sounds illogical but given the spiritual nature of the area, the enclaves of religious groups, the monasteries, and the history of other missing persons, this outcome is more than plausible. There is not a shred of evidence that Aubrey is not alive. Our facebook supporters continue to be fruitful in leading us to others who met Aubrey along the trail and who have offered specific information. Your help and support has been amazing. Stay tuned for a list of supporters and thank you's that we wish to publish in the Tribune.

We are Briskly looking for the French woman Danielle Fouche @ 60 y.o trekker who was on the same trail just behind Aubrey on April 21, 2010. And we are trying to find the identity of the man we have pictured on Aubrey's website.  If you know anyone in France please have them help find Daniel so we can contact her.  Congressman Cory Gardner personally handed Aubrey's info packet to SOS Hillary Clinton but nothing yet. Go Cory!

This week we will begin an international news campaign to keep the story of Aubrey in the forefront and raise awareness and support for her search. We will be on all the channels again and in the Tribune. Come on by and hang a ribbon and pick up a bracelet through the end of April. Please spread the word and the word of Aubrey and her website to everyone you know to help expand support for finding our little girl and to raise donations. Also if you would like to help stuff cards into envelopes containing bracelets or know of an area business that would allow a jar of these to sit on their counter top (no need collect money, just allow people to take a bracelet and read the card) please come by and pick up a bag to take to the business.

I had a dream last week. Aubrey was in a room sitting at a table and I stumbled upon her. She said to me "Daddy I'm not lost, I'm right here"

May 18 2011

This has been a busy couple of months.

We have 3 separate investigative missions going on in Nepal. Investigative, evidentiary and undercover. We are working with Nepal Police, Embassy and various Trekking agencies. We have learned enough information to start our own CIA.  One of our investigations even involves using former US Special Forces personnel, kinda like the guys that got Bin Laden. If we can find Bin Laden we can find Aubrey.

We have also been busy investigating a "bogus" Facebook page.  The FBI busted someone who opened a page using Aubrey's name and photo and opened up a yahoo account.  This was very painful for us and unfortunately caused us to lose valuable searching time. Moreover,  the FBI had to waste resources following a "sick person."  Thank you FBI  for breaking through.  Thank you to those who found the page for being respectful of our feelings and keeping it quiet.

The 1 year mark was like a punch in the chest, but we recovered and are moving forward with conviction. Although there is a lot of frustration, there is just no feeling of dread at our house and there has been no credible bad news. The journey to find Aubrey, however, is long and arduous. It takes time to connect to the right people (sometimes months)  and a lot of time to follow clues and interview people.

It is likely based upon evidence we have not found and circumstantial evidence we have found that our little girl is alive.  We are infiltrating the Nepalese culture in ways that should be highly effective based upon the same undercover strategies used by US intelligence abroad. We had hoped our government would help more but instead, we have learned to do what they should be doing. We still sorely need  the help of our government though, and  Congressman Cory Gardner's office will not give up on us. He and his aid Maria simply keep chipping away at the State Department to get Hilllary Clinton's attention. We are getting closer to Hillary each week. Please come through for us USA we know you can do it!

Many people have asked how they can help us. We are still looking for Danielle Fouche' a French Citizen @60 years old who was on the trail at the same time as Aubrey.  Ms. Fouche' may live in the French Lesser Antilles Islands. Also, if you are on facebook, please repost the photo of the man in a blue tshirt to your own facebook page asking if anyone knows him and to please contact us.  This man met Aubrey in India and may have traveled to Nepal.  We need to clear some of our questions.

Most of all, however, please tell all of your friends and even mass mail them the website so that we keep Aubrey's story in the public eye and gather the support needed to find her.  Please encourage all your Facebook friends to join: American Aubrey Sacco Missing in Nepal facebook group.  We are hoping to get 10,000 members.  "We are stronger in numbers."   Please also tell everyone and thanks for hanging in there with us! 

August 12, 2011

Trip to Langtang

Thursday Aug 4:

Find Aubrey Group:  Paul, Morgan & Connie, Tack from Embassy, Sashie from Embassy, Mohan (our Nepal investigator)

We traveled in 2 land cruisers from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi, an estimated 8 hour drive.  Thru villages, 2-lane bumpy roads to landslide #1.  We met our porter Chilling and guide Ram.  They transport our luggage and gear over the landslide as we put on our boots and hike over the landslide, takes about 1 hour.  On the other side, we meet another landcruiser, this one is rugged as hell.  We are then transported to Syabrubesi.  Thru waterfalls, mud 2 & 3 feet deep.

We arrive in Syabrubesi and spend the night. Friday hike for 4 hours to Pairo, and stay at the Namaste Hotel where Aubrey spent her first night. 

Saturday we hike about an hour to Landslide #2. There are leeches everywhere, we can't get around the landslide and porters coming down tell us to turn around.  We decide to go back to Syabrubesi and go another route.  On the way down after 1 1/2 hours we come to Landslide #3, a fresh muddy mess.  Mohan, Ram & Chilling remove their shoes and walk thru the mud to see how far this landslide goes.  They come back for us, leading us across (some of us anyway), we realize we are stuck between two mudslides and we have to go.  We remove shoes and go thru mud to our knees (mud is mixed with stones, rocks, plants etc), every step is painful as the plants are fallen berry trees with huge stickers.  After @25 minutes we get thru to a still muddy path and finally find a stream to clean off before putting on our boots.  WE clean up our wounds and return to Syabrubesi and plan for the next day.  We then learn that we had crossed an active mudslide and could have been swept away at any movement into the rushing Langtang River below.  Had we been told the dangers we probably would have panicked.

Sunday we hike a vertical 9 hours to Sherpagon and spend the night

Monday we hike UP and DOWN to Lama Hotel arriving around lunchtime. Most villages we visit are in or above the clouds. It is an eerie feeling to hike in a cloud and the air is very thick. Paul was wondering what would happen to us if there was lightning.  We speak to 2 of the last 4 guys to have seen Aubrey only to find their stories have changed to "maybe we saw her, we see many trekkers" and "if we knew she was going to go missing we would never have let her leave".  When asked why their stories changed they just say they see many tourists.  We stay in Rimche.

Tuesday we hike UP and FINALLY DOWN to Syabrubesi, another 9 hours. OMG we are all sore

Wednesday the landcruisers back to Kathmandu.  So many more mini landslides all along the road.  We trade vehicles at the big slide after another 1 hour hike.  Traveling back is hard, emotionally disappointing.  We arrive safe around 6pm and regroup.

November 18, 2011

In August we left Nepal hopeful and exhilarated that the police and the army would resume their investigations. We were very specific and focused as to the people and places that needed to be investigated. Unfortunately, almost immediately after we returned the prime minster stepped down and many of the people in high places that made these promises were immediately moved to other positions in the government,  replaced or even jailed. The government in Nepal changes almost weekly and nothing is for certain. Even so, there are some diligent and dependable people there who are connected to the fragile government and continue to assist us through this political jungle.  Never have we seen such a dichotomy between wonderful kind and honest people and the tumultuous government that rules them.

Corruption and political tension frustrate our efforts to find Aubrey. Nepal is being pushed and pulled by India, China and other strong forces within the country. It is a powder keg of problems.

Although we are moving slower than we had hoped, we are leaving no stone unturned in our investigation. Every new roadblock increases our determination and resolve to find Aubrey. There is reason to believe she is alive AND our intuition tells us so. And after all, this is not just any girl, this is Aubrey!

Thank you all for your continued emotional and financial support.   We thank again our friends in Nepal that helped us on our journey and who continue to help.

Paul and Connie

March 3, 2012

Connie is on her way to Nepal. She will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Nepal, the Embassy and various governmental figures. The object of her trip is to raise awareness of Aubrey's disappearance in the press and with government officials, to search records for people that may have been on the trail with Aubrey and to talk with people that may have information.  In addition there are various investigations going on in Nepal that are continuing to pour information in to "ground zero" here in Greeley Colorado.  Although we still do not have any hot leads much of the information we receive is valuable as it helps exclude people and theories as to what could have happened.  Connie will not be going to the Langtang.

Hopefully everyone knows that we have now found the mysterious man in the pictures we were posting on Facebook for over a year. Our Canadian friend and consultant found him. He is not a US citizen and he spent time with Aubrey in Darjeeling. He is a good guy and there are no surprises here.  There will be an article in this Sunday's Denver Post newspaper AND in the Post online news section about how are family is dealing with this crisis.  We hope all this raises awareness for our search for Aubrey. As we press forward toward this second year of Aubrey's search, through fake ransom letters, bogus Facebook sites and indifferent governments, we still have the resolve and energy of our Facebook friends and family to find our dear girl. We are not giving up,  that's for sure.  We simply could not be moving forward without your support. Many of you have suffered your own crisis during this time and still continue to support us!  Don't ever underestimate the power of our humanity!

May 23, 2012

Connie and I have been quite busy for the last 3 months. In the last 2 weeks we were involved in new stories in the Greeley Tribune and Colorado Public Radio which will air next week and stream on the KUNC website. Connie visited Nepal in early March by herself she made the journey and while there renewed contacts, visited with military, police and political powers of Nepal and the US Embassy. Her resounding message was "quit shaking hands with us and do something!" Toward the end of last year we learned of new assaults in the Langtang on two women trekkers and decided that the world needs to know of the true dangers of traveling there and the lack of official help at ending the problem or investigating disappearances. We threatened to launch a social media campaign to inform the public that if the government did not begin investigating Aubrey's disappearance more intensely. This threat did not go ever well in Nepal but shortly after Connie leaving we learned that the police were actively investigating Aubrey's case again.

In March and April two separate search and investigative teams were dispatched by us into various areas of Nepal and Langtang.  The villagers, who are now talking much more, keep pointing their fingers at the army (who is entrusted with the safety of visitors in the Langtang) but no details are revealed. No one has claimed the reward and no evidence has been found.  What has happened is that  we have found all of the people whose picture or names we posted on Facebook  and they have all come up clean. So in some ways the search is narrowing but in some it is expanding. All theories are still on the table. Aubrey could have met with an accident, foul play or somehow been subverted, but again no hard evidence.

The overwhelming accomplishment of our search is that we have truly associated with the right people in the right places. I wish I could name everyone but we have promised them anonymity. It has taken almost all of 2 years to find good people. We have everything from private investigators, FBI and CIA contacts to former special forces and intuitiveness on Aubrey's side. These contacts,  combined with your overwhelming kindness and support and the various privately assembled fundraisers, have empowered our family to press on. Everyone is still so positive and there are more people following Aubrey on Facebook than ever before.

We are still optimistic that we will find Aubrey or find out what happened to her but we mostly believe we will find her alive. I know it sounds crazy after 2 years but Aubrey is a strong and very special girl in a very spiritual and strange place where unusual things happen.  The download of Finding Aubrey is selling on itunes and on It warms my heart to know that we are all a community and that you are all sharing in our joy and sorrow. We are all so delicate and susceptible to such hardship. I hope to be able to be kind in return to all of you.  I hope some of you got to see the Damsels dance for Aubrey in Denver last week. They are an amazing group of young people wanting to make a difference.

Thank you all for your continued support.

August 17, 2012

    It has been 3 months since our last update; 2 years and 4 months since Aubrey went missing.  After Connie left Nepal this past March, the police as usual promised to redouble their investigation into Aubrey's disappearance.  Predictably the US Embassy made promises of continued support and promises to increase contact with the police.  The Embassy promised to meet weekly with the Nepal police in this regard.  Nepal then slipped in to chaos as Maoists vied for control of the government and the Chinese infiltrated Nepal and nothing happened. The role of China is now to calm the discontent of people in the Tibetan districts by supplanting the authority of the police of this sovereign nation to prevent Tibetan Nepalese from fomenting support of the Dali Lama and the "Free Tibet" movement.  Together these forces continue to keep Nepal a "boiling stew" of problems.

While Nepal slipped into chaos again our Canadian "friends" quietly worked at interviewing numbers of key people while at the same time our Nepali contacts scoured the villages for information.  As we patiently awaited the interview results, which were delayed for over 3 months by customs anti-terrorist interception of the mails, a 23 yo Belgian woman named  Debbie Maveau went missing at the end of May. She was trekking alone out of Dhunche, a Langtang Village located South and East of Lama Hotel, the area where Aubrey disappeared.  Her tragedy came on the heals of the assaults on the American woman Lena Sessions and the Korean woman who in separate incidents in December were victimized further up this Southern trail from where Debbie went missing. It should be noted that all 3 of these incidents occurred a few miles South and East of the location where Aubrey disappeared.

When we heard of Debbie's disappearance we reached out to her family sharing all our contacts, investigators, and information. Sadly, two weeks later Debbie's body was discovered in a deep ravine near Deurali, a village located a short distance from Dhunche. The Belgian government immediately sent investigators from their country to Nepal who have since been conducting investigations. In an unprecedented move, the Nepal police sprang in to action and, according to our own contacts, are presently in the Langtang investigating what we think are all of these incidents.  They have not as yet shared any information about their investigation.


A week ago the Nepal government announced, in another unusual move, that all solo trekking was banned. Although many are skeptical of the government's intentions and their ability to exercise quality control over required guides, which are rumored to also be responsible for frequent attacks on their female clients, we cannot help but think this new rule was in part Aubrey-driven and at least a step in the right direction. 

It was heartbreaking to learn from Debbie's friends, in Kathmandu, that she was not aware of the dangers of solo trekking in Nepal. Perhaps the constant removal of Aubrey's posters by trekking agencies and business people in and around the cities and Langtang were to blame?  Or maybe it was the reluctance of the police to post the sketch of Lena Session's assailant from her December 2011 attack. The sketch, to our knowledge,  was never posted but instead was handed out to trekkers after Debbie was found with warnings..... way too late.

I only wish we had been able to spread Aubrey's story wider around the world.  Some bloggers are referring to a person they call the "gap killer" whom they believe lurks in the Langtang.  There is no hard evidence of this fact  but, then again, there has never been a truly competent police investigation of this theory.  Still, romantic articles appear in the Lonely Planet and other publications encouraging young people to trek the Himalaya.

In June a young man from the UK named Zisimos Souflas, again Aubrey's same age of 23,  disappeared, this time in the Everest region East of the Langtang.   We are now working with his family in their search and hoping that raising awareness of the combination of these tragedies will force the police to solve Aubrey's case. 

It has been difficult to post updates, not because we are less hopeful, but because we are busy trying to make sense of the information we obtained and there is little to report. There is still no hard evidence.  We meet with our Canadian friends next week and have been meeting with our Nepali guides in Greeley as we sift through information.  We must all find strength in the success of each task, the building of better contacts and the involvement of effective and connected people,  rather than in only the goal of finding Aubrey.  The truth is, it is a long run, and although it almost seems cliche, it is not. The support of all of you who care and have followed Aubrey's story and have emotionally and financially supported our journey has been empowering. We have people and news agencies from all over the world checking the facebook page and following us on Twitter, including celebrities like Demi Moore who quietly check in on Aubrey's story and who is also dedicated to the cause of preventing human trafficking.

To witness the worst things in this life, while at the same time meeting the best people in this world, has been a remarkable and unforgettable experience.  We are living life to its fullest, the good and the bad. We will not give up.  We do not understand those words.  We fervently believe that Aubrey is out there and alive and can feel her presence almost every day.  We feel, as our investigators say "we are getting so close"....

    Although It has been several months since our last update, the search for Aubrey is still on full steam. We have made several consistent and helpful friends inside the government and army of Nepal. Our Facebook friends from our group, "American Aubrey Sacco Missing in Nepal" and other supporters who come to AubreySacco.comcontinue to tirelessly support our efforts to find Aubrey and to find information about her disappearance. The "Finding Aubrey" album on Itunes has helped to raise money for her search fund. Since our last update in August of 2012, we have worked with the Peace Corps of Nepal, private investigators, the new American Ambassador to Nepal and newly installed personnel at the Embassy. CNN has done major articles about Aubrey and Backpacker magazine has done an investigative journey into Nepal which will be published in the next 2 months.


The Nepal government and police have embraced the new Embassy. The Embassy and the Nepal Police have a renewed interest in finding Aubrey and are communicating better.  This resurgence of activity was brought on partly by the desire  to solve the murder of Belgian Tourist Debbie Maveau and the mysteries of 2 other recently missing or assaulted persons in the Langtang National Park. There is an overall sense that some wave of crime has been occurring there, but police are tight lipped and as yet there are no answers that they have shared.

In the Spring, Connie and I will travel again to Nepal to raise awareness of Aubrey's case, to demand information about what the police have learned in their investigations and to launch newspaper and radio campaigns into Nepal, India and Pakistan that will focus on the facts of Aubrey's disappearance and remind the public of the reward we continue to offer. Meanwhile our own FBI and Investigators from Belgium continue to conduct an active investigation in the murder of Debbie Maveau that will help illuminate officials as to the true dangers of the park and shed light on Aubrey's disappearance.

Aubrey's case truly remains a mystery, but we continue to have hope that our lovely Aubrey will resurface and light our lives again. April 22, 2013 will mark the 3 year anniversary of Aubrey's disappearance. While reaching this milestone without having found her is disheartening, we feel that someone will surface with information that will lead to her, not only because of the combined and current investigations and better intergovernmental cooperation, but because these tragedies have taken such a toll on Nepal's image.


The Nepal government must solve these mysteries despite its shaky government and financial hardship if they are to have a credible tourist industry, and tourism is their main stay.  It is now easy to see why even the USA Bengazi mystery has not been solved, despite bringing to bear America's greatest resources. Things are just not neat and tidy in a 3rd world country.  For all practical purposes Nepal's institutions have failed. The government  remains unstable and a constitution still has not been adopted. We are fortunate as we travel there, that this strange land on the other side of the world still remains relatively peaceful. 

In our upcoming trip we hope to discover new information about Aubrey. We believe the renewed cooperation between the police and Embassy will encourage the police to share information about their many investigations and we hope we will soon have answers that will lead us to our lovely daughter. 

Our family is ever grateful for the undying dedication of so many wonderful people. We truly live in a small world and a small town and the ribbons still blow in our trees for Aubrey's return.

"Anyone's loss diminishes me, for I am involved in humanity” ~ John Donne (12th Cent.)

March 10, 2013

May 14, 2013

Paul Sacco, Jennifer Glitter Biernat (my awesome sister) & I boarded a plane bound for Kathmandu, Nepal on Friday April 19th. Days and hours flying, layovers in LA, Tokyo, Singapore and finally Kathmandu - - - -

April 22, 2013 was the 3 year anniversary of the disappearance of our lovely daughter Aubrey. To mark the anniversary we traveled to Nepal to beat down a few walls. Jennifer Biernat, Aubrey's Aunt, Connie and I just returned from Kathmandu where we spent 10 days with the new US Ambassador to Nepal, police inspector general of Nepal and high ranking generals in Nepal’s military. We posted reward posters around the city and handed out cards that displayed poster and reward information. We intentionally avoided liaison with Nepal government officials due to their ineffectiveness and intransigence.

To our surprise on this trip, we discovered a stability and harmony among authorities never before seen. The older more established leaders were replaced with more competent, younger, vibrant and sincere officials. The new US Ambassador to Nepal, Peter Bodde, was a down to earth, well connected and savvy individual. We were direct and got down to business with all involved. We learned that both police and army are and have been on a serious mission to find Aubrey or find out what happened to her. One police inspector even moved his office to Dunche to be closer to this investigation. Dunche is a large village at the entrance to the Langtang National Park near where Aubrey disappeared. Police that had previously been secretive, not only freely shared information from their investigations, complete with power point presentations, but also agreed to cooperate with the army in an unprecedented showing of solidarity. One leader appeared to be taking Aubrey's case personally as a member of his own family had disappeared.

The police and army have identified witnesses who may have direct information as to what happened to Aubrey. All parties shared facts and information which clarified many questions and invigorated and concentrated their investigations in a way we have not seen before. There is something in the air in Nepal. Perhaps the government problems are stabilizing, perhaps it is the new people involved, or just the fact that with the coming of spring there is always more hope. These guys are on a mission. It is sad that it has taken 3 years to develop and trust the right people in Nepal, but we are not sure any of this could have happened sooner in a country with such limited resources and failed government institutions.

Our press conference in Nepal attracted over 40 reporters, dignitaries from the US and Belgium Embassies and various SAR people that previously helped in the search for Aubrey. Our resounding message was to remind everyone of the money reward offered for information leading to finding Aubrey and to plead with the people of Nepal that the circumstances that led to 11 people missing or murdered in 9 years in the Langtang can no longer be tolerated!

We used the press conference also to raise awareness about the young Belgian woman, Debbie Maveau, who was murdered in the Langtang almost a year age. We are sharing all information about Aubrey with the Belgian authorities, but as yet they are not sharing theirs with us. We are trying to spread the message to other trekkers to travel in groups and hire guides.


It has been almost 4 years since Aubrey left Colorado on her long journey through India via Sri Lanka, and more than 3 1/2 years since April of 2010 when Aubrey went missing in the mountains of Nepal.

We continue to interview witnesses, sift through information and photo's and are not near giving up hope. As many of us have seen in the news, miracles happen and missing people are found or return. Aubrey's vibrant and creative personality continues to beat in our hearts. Although we are realistic she could have been a crime victim, we believe she is just too special, and still no such evidence has surfaced.

Our last trip to Nepal was a clear departure from previous trips as we were convinced that the right contacts had finally been made with diligent Police and Army officials, who not only were committed to finding Aubrey, but who shared their progress with us and who openly demonstrated their desire to find her.

That fact was confirmed when Police arrested 3 individuals in August of this year believed to have a connection to Aubrey's disappearance. They then followed these leads all the way into the remote mountains of the Langtang. Although the men, who were from a small village there, were arrested and jailed, the information turned out to be a false lead. Somehow, however, the Police are building on facts learned from that experience, but like any law enforcement agency, are not sharing the details of the interrogations.

The news of the arrests were prematurely "leaked" to the Nepal press and traveled throughout the world to our doorstep when we were awoken in the middle of the night by local news. Reporters wanted our reactions to rumors that Aubrey had been murdered. All this when we had not even been contacted through official channels.  The ups and downs of that weekend still haunt us but we knew that press reports from Nepal are often unreliable. 

The intensity of the arrests, the public fervor in supporting them and the fact that the persons of interest were held and questioned for 30 days, demonstrated the determination of inspector Prakash, who leads the investigation to find Aubrey. This continued "unsolved mystery" is not good for a country whose main industry is tourism.

As the investigation moves forward there have  been some repercussions in the Trekking industry in Nepal, including new controversial on/off regulations regarding the mandatory hiring of guides for solo trekking.  In the American tourism industry there have also been concerns which will be revealed in a comprehensive investigative article to be released in February 2014 by "Backpacker Magazine," a widely read trekking & backpacking publication.  We will post a link on Facebook to award-winning author Tracy Ross's article when it is released.  It is a year and a half in the making.

Despite their limited resources Police and Army officials are co-operating in an unprecedented manner which has been encouraged by a local government that has been relatively stable for the last several months and which just conducted peaceful elections for the fist time in years. To enhance local efforts, the US State Department has even joined forces with the Nepalese to provide some technical support to law enforcement. The new Ambassador, Peter Bodde's long term relationship with people of authority in Nepal will encourage follow-through.

If good intentions and hard work will lead us to Aubrey, the end is near. Please do not lose hope for our "little girl." Although we will sorely miss her over the upcoming holidays, our family is still strong and we have many things for which to be thankful.  We now know that despite not having found the answers yet, patience, perseverance and respect for the local government  has been the right path that will lead us to her in time.

We are in the planning stages for our next trip to Nepal to meet with our trusted team.

Thank you for your continued support.

~Paul, Connie & family~

November 21, 2013

MAY 14, 2014

    We have just returned from Nepal. Our goals were to confirm  the identity of new police investigator is in charge of Aubrey's investigation and to connect with our military, embassy and contacts to make sure things were moving along according to plan. Connie & I were joined by Tracy Ross, investigative reporter and author of “Gone Girl,” Backpacker Magazine,  March 2014 issue.

    We have now passed the 4-year mark since Aubrey went missing in Nepal; a very difficult milestone.  It is hard to believe that our search can go on this long without resolution.  As the Ambassador told me "nothing moves quickly in Nepal."  So, despite significant progress in the investigation and the best efforts of our diligent contacts we still have no hard evidence of what happened to our lovely daughter Aubrey. We have little doubt that the right contacts are still in place despite the re-assignment of our most recent police investigator (we learned investigators are re-assigned each year) and Police and Army officials are committed to finding Aubrey. They held back no secrets and shared their progress with us in detail.

    Fortunately, the police and army have been doing a lot behind the scenes and so have we. We have narrowed the search to a few people that we believe may know what happened to Aubrey. To strengthen the investigation we have worked with the state department to bring in polygraph equipment and American instructors to prepare the Nepal police to administer polygraph examinations.  In an unprecedented 2 year inter county cooperative effort,  Nepal finally agreed to use the equipment. The US provided the devices and training in November of 2013, and the equipment is now in use. The authorities have pledged to interview and in some cases re-interview and polygraph all suspicious people involved in Aubrey's disappearance. We think this is a breakthrough and will lead to "hard evidence".  And so the search goes on with more intensity and cooperation than ever.  Aubrey's vibrant and creative personality continues to resonate in our hearts; to motivate us to take that next step. Although we are realistic Aubrey may be the victim of a crime, we still have not ruled out other possibilities.

    During our 4-year investigation we learned of 3 other sets of parents who also have children who either went missing or were murdered in Nepal. In our visit to Nepal last month, we organized all 3 families and scheduled a joint press conference before  all of that nation's biggest media and TV stations. Margaret Allpress, from Perth Australia, whose son Mathew age 24 went missing in the Anapurna region of Nepal in November 2013;  Pauline Suflous, from the UK, whose son Zisimos age 24 went missing in April 2012 on the trail to the 1st Everest base camp in Eastern Nepal, and Rudy Devous from Belgium, whose 23 year old daughter, Debbie Maveau, was murdered in the Langtang in June, 2012.

    We all formed a panel to speak about our losses, advocate for better systems of investigation and search & rescue and to take questions. The conference was dramatic and attracted press from all over the country who, by and large, expressed angry feelings toward the Trekking Association of Nepal, TAAN, and at the Nepal government for not doing more to help families. We have never seen this degree of empathy and outcry from the media. 

    In one of my arguments, I compared Nepal to Colorado and explained that Colorado had over 54 mountains over 14,000 feet and asked why we don't have the numbers of missing people that Nepal has! We pleaded with the government to enact legislation preventing solo trekking and to fund search and rescue and other tracking systems for trekkers.  Not surprisingly, our goal has slowly evolved in to not only finding Aubrey, but into helping the other parents find their loved ones and into introducing and advocating for safeguards to  prevent other young people from disappearing; to bring attention to the dangers of traveling to Nepal.  I feel we have made serious progress in this regard although I'm sure results will be slow to materialize. The new director of TAAN was critical of the organization’s past and very focused on improving its effectiveness.

    To date, the best and most comprehensive report on the entire story of our search can be found in this link, to an investigative article called "Girl Gone" in the March 2014 issue of  "Backpacker Magazine," written by award winning author Tracy Ross.

    There is now a new Prime Minister in Nepal, Sushil Koirala. Thanks to the efforts of our US Ambassador Peter Bodde the new PM of the country of Nepal has promised to "move the investigation along."  Finally, the police and army officials will be supported and monitored by their government.  

    Some of you may know that Aubrey played violin in the Greeley Central Orchestra for all 4 years of High School.  Aubrey was concertmaster for 2 of those years. Last night, a local composer Kirk Vogel debuted his Aubrey-inspired masterpiece symphony called "Dragonflies and Glitter." The piece was played by the middle schools and Central orchestras that filled the stage in the dark little auditorium. There were tears shed by many young people, especially by young girls with violins. After Aubrey's song was played I spoke briefly and told the audience that Aubrey had done many things to make us proud, but that her role in the Central orchestra made me the most proud. I remembered how one year we even accompanied her with the orchestra to Italy and watched her play in the streets of Milan and Florance.  I then told the students that they may not realize it now, but life has many difficult passages and their music in the long run will be more important to them than math. It will save them, as my music about Aubrey has saved me. 

    Our hard work and the support of so many good people in our community and in Nepal will lead us to Aubrey, the end is near. Please do not lose hope for our "little girl." Although we sorely miss her, our family is still strong and resolute and we have many things to be thankful for, as there is much suffering in the world.  Your support has been brilliant and glittering; and during Aubrey's symphony, just for a moment --I thought I saw a dragonfly...

    Thank you for your continued support and prayers. ~Paul, Connie & family~